We are grateful to have a garden and we have tried to utilize it as much as we can during the years. It’s not as big as we liked and yet it serves its purpose for our family. We made it into what I like to call our magical garden. Especially at night when we turn the lights on. It feels very ambient and peaceful. Below are some posts that have described how we incorporated certain things into our garden to make it as it is today.

Building My Raised Beds & Trellises – many designs before I came up with the ones I have now

DIY Sprinkler System – why didn’t we do it sooner?

Building A Firepit – to enjoy the fall and winter months and roasting marshmallows with the kids

Intex Pools – a must-have for the summer if you don’t have a swimming pool, it’s like a cold jacuzzi. The kids will love it! It will lessen their fear of going under the water.


Funny enough, I have loved herbalism ever since World of Warcraft came out. Guess what skills my character had? Yep … it’s herbalism lol

We can go through this journey of learning herbalism together and how I use it in my daily life with my family.

Healthy Activities

These are some of the healthy activities I interchangeably do on a daily basis. It’s fun and doing those activities helps create synergy with the mind, body, and spirit.

Zumba – I love taking Zumba classes. I’m an external person, which means that when I go to a physical class, I’m likely to continue and not give up. Online classes take more discipline and I know myself well so I choose to go to class.

Pilates – The most challenging class and yet it gives me the best result and feels amazing after each class

Yoga – Improves flexibility and puts your mind and body in a state of relaxation.

Meditation – A challenge since I can just go right to sleep. This is why a class is recommended. The noise and the person next to you will wake you up. Do this with your partner or as a family.


These are some of the hobbies that I have pursued and want to go back and work on them. You need hobbies to ignite or keep that fire of passion in yourself when you feel that life has become mundane and the absence of sparks of joy you once had as a child. Make sure to prioritize some time for your hobbies.

Art – for me and with the kids

Golf – with the family

Photography – for me

Jigsaw Puzzles – with the kids

Piano/Flute – to feed my frisson

Travel – with the family