Our experience during the Corona-virus Pandemic Quarantine in 2020

Around two weeks ago, (approx. 2 months after the announcement of Covid) was the first time our family stepped out of the house and into our backyard to enjoy the sunlight. I was exhausted from the outdoor activities. We played badminton with the kids and then did drills so they learn how to catch and throw. When I came inside, I was knocked out from the fresh air and took a quick snooze. My kids loved that I was out for the count while they watched a Netflix movie. These moments are amazing. I feel very blessed and even though the corona-virus has been an inconvenience for everyone. It has made me live in the present and be grateful for every moment I experience with my family. I have to admit these past few months, I have totally gone off track from my routine and healthy habits. I’ve put on the extra weight and feel terribly out of shape. I feel horrible, everything is uncomfortable or hurts. I’m finding my way back to Paleo but it is not easy. Please keep coming back to see my updates.

It has been a learning curve getting the kids into their schedule of learning from home. Before this event, I always wondered maybe I could homeschool, my kids? Other parents did it and it sounds great! You just need a curriculum and a plan. Well, I’m so glad I never took a go at it. I appreciate the teachers a lot more than I did. I appreciate school, they have various classes and activities that I can’t provide for them at home. They need the socialization of their peers and different people other than their own family. The positive outcome is that I am more involved in my kids’ schooling. These past weeks, I know where my children are at and areas they need improvements on. This knowledge allows me to plan for the summer so that I can get them ready for the new school year.

Did our family experience the scarcity of this pandemic? We did! In the first week, we couldn’t get a hold of the household essentials such as toilet papers, wipes, and cleaning products. Thank goodness that I usually stock those stuff. I always stock my toiletries and household products once a month. It’s part of our budget so it has become our habit. The next week, medical supplies were low, I had enough if one of our kids got sick but I would be out if we all got sick at the same time. I need to redo my stocking of pharmacy items because I only restock and check on them once a year.

The week after, we couldn’t get groceries delivered. Everyone started ordering groceries online. Funny enough, we still got most of the things we needed. After all, not many people like healthy food. This pandemic has taught me to be more prepared and make it a habit to keep my food pantry stocked and updated monthly. We have been implementing Minimalism before this pandemic and realized it didn’t help us in this situation. Minimalism can be applied to the home but the necessities such as food and home supplies need to be stocked consistently.

Since the kids and I didn’t leave the house for weeks. I noticed that I developed anxiety when I had to drive my car to make sure it’s still running. Once I got over that, it seemed normal but staying at home for too long can cause you to be afraid to go outside. The positive thing about being at home and not going anywhere, it became a habit and one that I like since I’m not in the store spending money on useless things that I had to buy when I go gallivanting before this event. I’m more relaxed like time has finally slowed down especially living in NYS.

I don’t watch the news and haven’t for over a decade. The only time is if I’m at someone’s home and they have it on. We are a streaming family, we like to do our own research. We realize a decade ago that the commercials were a waste of our time. The news is mostly negative and repeats and rinse 24/7. We would read the news articles and then find logical explanations about things we don’t understand. This pandemic got me to question a lot of things in our society. You might say I had too much time on my hands. The truth is I’ve learned a lot this year. We are not fully awake to the world and to spend it watching instead of living has been very distracting on what our purpose in life is.

The positive side of everyone staying at home is that the air smells cleaner and fresher without people outside. I feel like the earth had reset itself. It felt surreal. During this time, I got to self evaluate and the people in my life. It struck me that this time allowed me to see the vines and weeds that have been preventing me from growing. That I have to be more vigilant with who and the information that I allow in my world and my subconsciousness. It has been a great experience and I’m excited to see what 2021 holds for us. I’m guessing it holds a lot since there are many games being played and not for the public to see. Hope you are safe and have faith. Thank you for reading and check-in for more future blogs.

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