Premade Paleo Tortillas Wrap at Wholefoods

I’ve been trying to find premade paleo tortillas wrap for awhile but haven’t come across it. One day, the family and I was doing our quick dessert shopping. My husband wanted to look at the cheese section and right next to it he grabbed what was a pack of tortilla wraps. I assumed it to be the normal organic stuff you’d find in wholefoods. Was I wrong! They were paleo wraps and there were 3 different choices to choose from!!! Cassava Flour, Almond Flour, and Cashew Flour.

I was ecstatic! Finally … thinking to myself, they exist!!! Then I saw the price and had to negotiate with myself that it was worth the money. I came to the conclusion, I would be saving time and the convenience which in turn allows me to make the things I wanted to eat with less amount of work.

They didn’t disappoint when you heat it up. I tried them cold and it was hard and cracked apart . When you heat it up, the oil in it makes the wraps soft and tastes delish and light.