The Pros & Cons of Cast Iron Cookware

The advantages of having Cast Iron Cookware:

  • Durability – they last for generations if you take care of them
  • Affordability – they are available in most stores and don’t cost you an arm and leg
  • Retains heat – they get hot very fast
  • Similar to non-stick without the chemicals – when seasoned well the foods don’t stick to it as often

The disadvantages of having Cast Iron Cookware:

  • Do not evenly distribute heat – depending on where the burner is touching the cookware, its mostly hot there
  • They are heavy and hot to hold – a good workout and you will need heat gloves

Cast iron requires maintenance – seasoning and cleaning

Below is info on how to season and clean your cast iron cookware. There are many ways to do this, some are long and tedious whilst others are simple and quick. I like the quick and simple way. Cleaning up isn’t my ideal part of being in the kitchen so the quicker it is then that’s the method I’m going to adopt.

How to Season a Cast Iron Cookware?

When I first got the cast iron cookware, usually I only buy skillets and pans. This is because they are heavy and I don’t want to season or maintain any big pots. I have a huge cast iron grill that I love but I find every excuse to not use it due to cleaning it. Even though the cast iron cookware you buy says they are pre-seasoned. I do my own to make sure it’s seasoned properly.

You can buy the cast iron season sprays in the store but if you have any type of oil at home, just spray it all over your cookware. Or use a cotton towel and wipe the oil all over it. Put it in the oven at 475 or 500 degrees for an hour. Take it out and let it cool. It’s seasoned and ready to be used. I’ve heard many ways to season and one way they would leave it in the oven for hours. It’s crazy long and I just don’t have time.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Cookware?

I always clean my cast iron cookware after I use it, I’ve heard people don’t so it adds season to their cookware. I’m kinda grossed out by it so I don’t mind adding another cleaning step. I clean my cookware like normal with a sponge, dawn soap, and water. I dry it by putting it on the stove or in the oven if the oven is still warm from cooking something prior. After it’s dried, I spray oil in it, if the outside and handles need it then I spray oil and wipe it all over the cookware. After, I heat it again on the stove or in the oven for 5 minutes and let it sit to cool. Once cooled, it’s ready to be put away and to be used another day.

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