Our Family

-Prevention is better than Intervention-


My name is Loan Mars. I’m a wife and mother of two rambunctious young boys. My family are food and health enthusiasts. My husband and I have been on weight loss and weight gain journey since we met each other almost two decades ago. We love food and unfortunately, as we got older, our metabolism faltered to keep up with our cravings for delicious food and drinks. Our activity levels have decreased, while our stress level increased with work, kids, and the daily grind.

We tried every diet that happens to catch our eye. Some work very well until we stopped and others were unsustainable with our lifestyle. We finally came to the realization that we need to find maintainable healthy eating habits to prevent sickness and obesity as we got older. The saying is true “Prevention is better than intervention.” We turned to Paleo eating for a few years now and have been very happy with the results. Weight loss is not as important as eating healthy and when you create healthy eating habits, weight loss will be a bonus result.

I’m not a chef or studied in cutlery, neither I’m a health or dietitian. I do love watching food shows, reading cookbooks, and learning from anyone that allows me to watch them cook. Everything I make is based on trial and error. My critics are my husband, children, family, and friends. This blog is our continuing journey of our Paleo family. Discussing how we are able to budget since healthy food is not cheap. Our best recipes and tips, advice to get over the hurdle of prepping food in a hectic household with busy schedules. And maintaining as close as possible to the 80/20 Paleo goal of living in a rapid culture of fast food and dining out.