The kitchen is the heart of our home. I spend most of my time there whether it’s putting away the groceries, prepping food, cooking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, helping the kids with homework and having family conversations at the kitchen island, etc. For a smooth-running kitchen, preparation, and investment in cookware, kitchen appliances, kitchen tools, and having your pantry essentials stocked can help make your workflow easier. See below to find the things that have helped me throughout the years and hopefully inspire you to find your workflow.

Pantry Essentials

Paleo Ingredients & Pantry Basics


These are the best cookware that I have experienced using throughout the years. You may find them handy in your kitchen.

  1. HexClad – (my new favorite)
  2. All-Clad Stainless Steel – (goes with any styled kitchen)
  3. Cast Iron – (old school, vintage look, a little effort to maintain)

Kitchen Appliances

Some of the items listed can be big pocket items, however, they are worth it! You may be asking, where is the microwave? We gave it away many years ago lol … it was tough at the beginning. We got through it, we now forget that almost every home uses it daily. I bought an air fryer too and gave it away after learning the technology used in the air fryer is similar to or worse than the microwave.

Cook Tools